Correct and Clarify Your Status.

Patrick Devine spent many years researching and testing ways to get us in control of the assets of our birth inheritance. He showed us how to dig into the definition and meaning of the words and how to read between the lines of the constitution, the laws and various documents we were analyzing.

Patrick was stricken with leukemia in mid-2016. Through all of this he worked hard with us on the concepts and the documents. He was taken from us on May 11, 2017. We are continuing his work in his honor.

Christopher Summers and Patrick discussed these many issues over the years. They often agreed. They often disagreed.

The last controversy was over how to get enforcement of the remedies that Patrick had developed. The current system just ignores our lawful efforts. Chris found our enforcement was in the probate system which has the equity, chancery and ecclesiatical law Patrick was seeking.

Chris came to us in July 2017 as the ACH TDA fad was growing to warn us that trouble lay ahead in that area if we did not have the proper authority to engage in it. Getting the proper authority involved many of the steps needed to change our status and get control of our estate in probate.

When Chris Summers came to us to warn us away from ACH TDA trouble and to help us continue our work, we formed the Status Study Group as a work group so we can learn
  1. How to prepare foundational paperwork to correct our status
  2. How to file it in probate court and cure it for use
  3. How to open a case to finish other cases.
  4. How to access your accounts.
Chris will help us learn this. That does not mean he will do the documents for us. Ask questions that show you have studied the material so that he can zero in on the specific thing you need. A question that is too vague indicates you might not know anything and you may need a complete education as an explanation.

When you post a link or a document explain how it relates to what we are working on. When you find documents that relate, let's discuss them and share them.

Attend the calls and participate. Everyone must and shall participate and provide and share new research and questions that are intelligent.

This Status group will remain focused on the matter of status and how it is used. Other processes and methods will not be discussed here unless you can show how a particular specific action can be used to better correct our status.

Chris is not charging anything to provide us with this inforrmation and education. He is is the process of writing a Teacher's Manual that will be provided at no cost to people around the world. This is all part of his Peoples' University project which will work in conjunction with nations around the world as part of the reset that will rid us of the cabal and its devilish ways.

We do not intend to hand this information out to attorneys and accountants so they can make their fortunes doing this for you but not educating you about it so you can defend it and keep from falling back in the trap.

To that end, we will make the calls and files available on a membership basis. Once you complete a confidentiality agreement with us, you will be able to sign up, log in and access what you need. It should only take us a short while to install the member software so you can have access again to the calls and files.